Data Science
Our dedicated data scientists are highly skilled at algorithmic, data mining, AI, ML, and statistical tools. Hire data scientists to develop strategies, and prepare data for modeling, exploration, analysis, and visualization.
Hire Data Scientists to Solve Data Challenges
Data is the oil of the digital economy – an immensely untapped valuable asset. Hire data scientists to develop a strategy aligning with your business needs.
Data Preprocessing and Data Wrangling
We let you hire data science developers skilled at using various programming languages, frameworks, visual analytics tools, and open-source BI & data analytics components like R, Python, KNIME, RapidMine, etc., to perform data preprocessing and wrangling. With strong experience in understanding Binning method, Clustering method, or manually removing noise from the data, our data science experts can help you elevate the performance of the data preparation and analysis model.
Database Development
Our analytics specialists convert, process, and store the data into large databases using the latest tools and technologies, such as Oracle, MySQL, Teradata, SQL Server, IBM DB2, Sybase, Netezza, PostgreSQL, etc. Hire top data scientists well versed in developing Relational/Sequence and Non-relational/Non-sequence databases. They can also help you build archival databases such as Distributed, Personal, Centralized, Commercial, NoSQL, Operational, Relational, and End-user databases.
Data Warehouse Design
When you hire offshore data scientists from us, they work closely with you to understand your strategic business requirements. Our senior data scientists use all three approaches to design and create a data warehouse design – top-down approach, bottom-up approach, and a combination of both. Applying their expertise, they will select a precise data warehouse view from either a top-down, data source, data warehouse, or business query view.
Data Modeling
We have a team of data modeling experts skilled in employing standardized schemas and formal techniques to offer common, consistent, and predictable data patterns. Hire Data Science developer from us to build Conceptual, Logical, and Physical data models using Hierarchical, Relational, Entity-Relationship, Object-oriented, and Dimensional techniques. They also use various data modeling tools like, Lucidchart, SQuirreL, QL, MySQL Workbench, Amundsen, Erwin Data Modeler, ER/Studio, Postico, Navicat, and Datagrip.

Predictive Analytics Solutions
Our predictive analytic specialists know how to leverage the true power of machine learning, predictive modeling, and data mining to develop predictive analytics solutions. They can help you build best-in-class Classification prototypes for predicting numbers. Rent a data scientist to build a Decision tree, regression (linear and logistic), and Neural network predictive models using their skillset in Time Series algorithms, Clustering Algorithms, Outlier Detection algorithms, Ensemble models, Factor analysis, Naïve Bayes, and Support vector machines.
Time Series Forecasting Analysis
We have a team of statisticians with proven skills in conventional statistical (e.g., ARIMA), machine learning methods, artificial neural networks, support vector machines, and others. They are continuously pursuing new approaches to extracting predictions from data. Hire the best data science developer from us who is excellent at using TensorFlow, Prophet, React Native, BigQuery, Vertex AI and programming languages R, TypeScript, JADE, etc.

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